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To Provide Premium Building Solutions At The Fairest Price Possible With An Exceptional Customer Experience, Backed By The T-Rob Constructions 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.

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We Take The Hassle & Stress Out Of Building Your Dream Project

It can be painfully hard shopping around trying to find the right builder for your renovations or construction project. It can also be a disaster if you choose to work with the wrong builder who doesn’t get your vision and understand your needs. You don’t want a builder who just agrees with you about the project just to win the job. You require an expert builder that is going to ask you the right questions, get the big picture, step you through to the whole project and to diagnose what it is exactly that you ‘really require’ in a building or renovation project. There’s a handful of Townsville Builders out there today that are more focused on just getting the job finished and moving on to the next project.

The difference where T-Rob Constructions stands out from their competitors is, we deliver what it is you actually need. No Smoky Mirrors, No Fluff, No BS… Period. This customer deliverance has enabled us as being one of the fastest growing constructions companies in Townsville, and our customer success rate can back that up.

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What Our Client’s Say

“Absolutely amazing workmanship! Were fantastic and able to work around us as a family and even caught my dog when she got out! Would recommend them to everyone!”


“Cannot thank Tyler & Scotty from Trob Constructions enough! I love my bathroom so much! Thank you for helping create a beautiful home for my family. After looking over the photos of your wonderful work I cried (just a little) you have been amazing throughout the whole renovations, both you and Scotty have made us all very happy!”

“I look forward to working with you both again in the near future. Cheers guys!”


“Could not recommend Tyler and Trob Constructions more. They did an amazing job on renovating my water damaged bathroom, were so helpful and patient. Got the job done quick, to an amazing standard and at a great price..”



Home Renovations

Your renovation needs are different to others, and we get this! We take the time to understand what you really want with a successful home renovation project.

Superior Renovation

Dreaming of the ideal renovation project is easy, that’s your job. Building it to a liveable reality is ours, and we make sure we nail it the first time. There are no second chances with building, only costly mistakes and loss of time. When we meet up, we perform a thorough renovations analysis with you so…..

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Master Carpenters

Our Townsville Carpenters aren't ordinary everyday chippys you know? We have mastered carpentry to become qualified registered master builders.


Not many people know that you can only become a builder once you master carpentry. When you hire our Townsville Carpenters you get the best in the business at the same price as a general carpenter. All our work is backed up with a life time guarantee, there’s no need to hire second best when you can hire us

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Bathroom Renovations

The Bathroom is one of the simplest areas to instantly add value to your home. We show you our proven success formula to build an award winning bathroom renovation.

Dream Bathroom

Success leaves clues and being able to reproduce the same quality outcomes on a regular basis, is proven success. We give you our secret bathroom renovations formula. We show you todays cutting edge innovative designs, where to save more money and the best quality products to source

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Queensland Decks

What if I was to tell you, that by building a quality deck you could instantly add $15 - $25 thousand dollars increased value almost instantly to your home?

Built For Townsville

Having an enjoyable beverage on a deck is a way of life up here in the tropics. Not only that but by adding a quality deck to your home, you will not only increase the home value, you will have a better chance of selling your property quicker and at a better price when it comes to sale time

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Bullet Proof Carports

Townsville is known for having some of the highest UV ratings in all of Australia. This is why having a suitable carport is a sensible requirement for your property.

Built To Protect & Store

We all know how harsh the sun and UV rating can be here in Townsville. Leaving your vehicles in direct sunlight is a sure fire way to reduce the lifespan and condition of them very quickly. We offer you a cost effect & stylish solution to protect your prized items that won’t bust the bank.

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We Only Choose To Work With The Right Fit People And Projects

For us, it’s not about winning the sale or being the biggest and best renovation & constructions company in Townsville. Our real purpose here is to provide the best experience & results for our customers, even if that means we don’t win your business but give you the right direction on where to go or what to do.

T-Rob Constructions ensure optimum results for their clients and to continue their success rate they don’t just work with anyone. We choose to work with the right fit people and projects. If you are more focused just on price and not so much on the quality final product, we are not the right renovation builders for you.

If you are really serious about quality results, customer satisfaction and ready to work with a Townsville renovations builder that has local respect, trust, integrity and has a proven track record of successful Townsville builds & home renovations, then you need to fill out our quote form or give us a call now.

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