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We are a team of dedicated expert deck builders in Townsville who have dedicated our lives to delivering the ultimate decking solutions for our clients. With decks being a valuable addition to any Townsville home, we chose to aid homeowners in the fulfilling of their ultimate decking dreams with our state of the art decking solutions made of sustainable and durable materials made for the tough tropical climate up here.

Our goal is to be Townsville’s Number #1 Decking company by providing a deck building solution second to none. Our Townsville Decks will be the envy of all the neighbourhood, making your deck the ultimate entertaining area.

Having a beautiful deck in Townsville is a way of life up here, it’s one of the best ways to enjoy our tropical weather and surroundings. Us Townsville homeowners are often in a constant process of making our homes better and improving the value to our homes. The one part of a house that is critical even to people buying a home is the back yard. Most Townsville homes and modern homes have backyards and, this is where the real action happens. It’s all about the comfort and aesthetics. A simple barbeque or even a small party is made or broken by the quality of the back yard, and it’s settings. Installing gazebos and water features are great ideas but what is often overlooked is a deck. A well-made deck is still cheaper than most other home improvement options and will serve you for years.

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Our Core Values

To provide premium building solutions at the fairest price possible with an exceptional customer experience and backed by T-Rob Constructions 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

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4 Reasons Why Investing In A Decking Build Is A Smart Move

1, Decks Are A Way of Townsville’s Lifestyle

Decks are beautiful and aesthetically appealing to the eye. Well-constructed and maintained, decks are what gives the “Awwwh” to an otherwise just okay house. Having a Deck is a must for any Townsville home, it goes hand in hand with our lifestyle up here

2, A Deck to Increase Your Townsville’s Home Value

The addition of a deck automatically increases the value of the home. In a recent Australian real estate study, you are more than likely to get about 72% more interest in the selling of your house just by adding a deck. Another important reason is that decks can increase the price of the house by 32% higher than all other home improvements combined.

3, Decks Provide a Quick Get Away

There’s something tranquil about sitting on a deck by yourself and gazing out into the distance.  A deck provides a unique space for small parties, an ideal place for relaxation on warm days or if you prefer quiet time, a deck is a great location to use as a place to retreat to.

4, Quick Installation of a Deck

Building out a deck is one of the quickest renovation projects compared to other home renovations. The longest time you might have to deal with the hammering and pounding noise is two weeks. After all the noise is silenced and the dust settles, you have a new beautiful relaxation area to enjoy.

Where To Start With Your Townsville Deck Build?

You as a homeowner are probably wondering where, to begin with getting a deck built, finding the RIGHT deck builder Townsville, what will be the cost, what should be the time frame, etc? The best place to start is by asking questions

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T-Rob Constructions Deck Builders offer you design, construction and maintenance as a one stop Townsville decking service solution

  • Expert Deck Builders Townsville

    Our team of expert deck builders installs decks made from many different materials that are more suited to the harsh tropical Townsville climate. We only use materials and designs to last a lifetime

  • Decking Maintenance

    After a while, all decks need a little support which may involve sealing timber and alignment. We have your back giving you all the support you will ever need in the up keep of your beautiful deck

  • Deck Prepping.

    We only use high-quality materials to clean your surface of even the strongest of smells and toughest of stains. By applying the right prepping sequence your deck will last longer and look amazing

  • Deck Sealing & Staining

    Depending on the wood you choose to use, the wooden rails may contract over the wet season and expand in summer; as a result, regular sealing and staining for pest control is necessary.

  • Deck Repair Townsville

    We remain loyal to our Townsville customers despite the circumstances and are ready to spring into action in case of problems.

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Why Us As Your Townsville Deck Builders?

We have years of knowledge with the construction and maintenance of decks in Townsville. We know what works best and have mastered the art of deck building & construction. We have a team of dedicated employees that have been trained to build the ideal deck in the Townsville region.

Our Proven Systems & Techniques

T-Rob Constructions has proven systems and techniques to find out exactly what you need in a successful deck build. We hold your hand every step of the way to give you the guidance really needed to pull everything together for the perfect dream deck build.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We are utterly committed to customer service that is unrivalled. We believe building great decks begins with treating the customer with respect and getting a clear vision. We stand by our quality policy and hence create and maintain a lifelong relationship with our clients because our decks are built to last a lifetime.

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