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Townsville Bathroom Renovators

Need your Townsville Bathroom renovated? Then you have come to the right place. At T-Rob Constructions we build the best Bathroom renovations in Townsville which will turn your Bathroom into a sanctuary. We understand that Bathrooms are one of the most valued rooms in homes today.

Over the years that we have been operating, we always have utilised an integrated solution for bathroom renovations that provide a top class level of convenience and comfort to our clients. Our customers often ask this question when they visit us. When does someone know it is time do a Bathroom renovation? Well, read along to find out when.

Signs That Show You Require A Bathroom Renovation 

  • The Bathroom is outdated – If you have started to think your Bathroom is becoming outdated for you and your family or is generally in bad condition, then you need a renovation that will bring an up to date feel of your Bathroom and make it a comfortable, peaceful place again.
  • Moving in or selling – This is also the best time to do a renovation to your Bathroom. In case you have moved recently or bought a house, a renovation of your Bathroom may just give your home that new wow factor that you need or to increase its overall value.
  • Bathroom Unhappy – If every time you think of going to your Bathroom, you immediately get depressed, then you sure need a renovation. There might be a particular piece, like maybe the old ugly bathtub or shower which makes you feel sick or just how the Bathroom looks. If you can relate to this, then you probably need a renovation as quick as possible.
  • Too small – Maybe your family has grown, or the kids are now older. Renovating your Bathroom to suit your family requirements will put less strain on you, your utilities and an overall balance back into your family’s way of life.
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What Our Client’s Say

“Absolutely amazing workmanship! Were fantastic and able to work around us as a family and even caught my dog when she got out! Would recommend them to everyone!”


“Cannot thank Tyler & Scotty from Trob Constructions enough! I love my bathroom so much! Thank you for helping create a beautiful home for my family. After looking over the photos of your wonderful work I cried (just a little) you have been amazing throughout the whole renovations, both you and Scotty have made us all very happy!”

“I look forward to working with you both again in the near future. Cheers guys!”


“Could not recommend Tyler and Trob Constructions more. They did an amazing job on renovating my water damaged bathroom, were so helpful and patient. Got the job done quick, to an amazing standard and at a great price..”


Why Choose Us As Your Townsville Bathroom Renovation Company?

If you are unsure how to renovate your Bathroom, it might take longer than necessary. People tend to become uncertain as to whether their choices will be good once the Bathroom is done. Having an unclear goal or requirement will leave you choosing the wrong Bathroom renovation builder and building an unsuited Bathroom.

At T-Rob Constructions we are known to give our customers a complete service that will turn your initial ideas into a unique and beautiful Bathroom design. From the design patterns, removal of your old Bathroom, to full construction and installation of a new Bathroom, all these services are provided at T-Rob Constructions and is a process we provide that will give you the exact dream Bathroom outcome.

We can provide our clients with a portable Bathroom, should it be required, during the construction process so homeowners may continue living their normal lives even as we work towards renovating your main Bathroom.

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